Thursday, June 17, 2010


Emily (my roommate) and I decided to sleep in on Saturday. Then in the afternoon, we went to meet Hande (University coordinator). We went sightseeing in Istanbul, that particular area is called Otokoy. I noticed there were so many young coupled here. I had a grilled fish in one of the local restaurants. It was great!!! The view from that restaurant was great too, it was along the seaside. After touring around, we went to meet up with Jason (another university coordinator). We had dinner at a very nice local Turkish restaurant. However, there was one thing I don't like, which is called "Ayran", which is like a water-down yogurt with salt.

On Sunday, Emily and I went shopping in the city. We took about 3 different routes to get to the mall. First we took the mini bus to the pier, then the ferry to cross from Asian to European side of Istanbul, then we took the mini bus again to the mall. On of the mall is decided to be like a canyon, which I personally think it's very unique and beautiful.

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