Thursday, June 10, 2010

1st time in turkey

I arrived at Istanbul 5 in the morning and I couldn't find a person,who was going to pick me up. Then half an hour later, I realized that my flight was one hour early. After all the confusion, Anjariita picked me up at the airport and we went to the dorm together. After taking a rest for 1 hour at the dorm, Jason took me to tour around the city. I find it very difficult because I can't remember any road names since the pronunciation is so different. He took me to brunch with his Turkish friends. One thing I learned was that Turkish drinks lots of tea and their tea had a very strong taste. The city itself is really nice and unique.

Then first day of work...I was placed in factoring company called Fiba Factoring. I also have a manager there as my mentor. Her name is Asli. She is a very nice lady and well rounded. She helped me with everything.

There are many departments in this company such as credit, operation, international, and ect. I am now in credit department for 2 weeks and then they will have me try other department in the company.

People in the office are very nice and helpful. Some can speak english and some don't. They also taught me Turkish. So I know some basic stuff. It is a great experience to be here

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