Monday, August 9, 2010

9th week off to Cesme

I spent five days in Cesme. The beach there was amazing. The best beach I've ever been too. I also went on a boat to go to an island. It was a really fun experience to jump off the boat and drive into the sea. I also learned how to play backgammon while I was there. It is Turkish tradition to play backgammon and to drink Turkish coffee at the same time. I have the best time in Cesme.

8th weekend

I took a week off to go to Cesme. This is another city in Turkey. I decided to go there because my friend from Thailand was coming to visit his friend in Turkey. His friend's name is Alp. He's Turkish and his family owned a house in Cesme. I took the bus from Saturday night and arrived Cesme on Sunday morning. It's about nine hour bus ride. I was exhausted. from the bus ride. The first I did was to have breakfast. The Alp's house serve Turkish breakfast that includes Turkish sausage, honey, butter, seasoned fresh tomatoes and cucumber with bread. Then we are off the beach.

8th week in domestic international department

I only have one week in domestic international department. There are two kinds of job, which are to take checks and to take invoices. This department checks marketing division and control customer's financial situation. There is a program that calculates how many the factoring company should pay the customer after deducting commission and interest rate. Lastly, the payment instruction from customer is made.

6th week in Operation Department

This week is the first week in operation department. I am specifically in international department. The main task in international operation department is to control the document and make transaction. The document includes shipping document and invoices. I have a chance to check risk, collateral, receivable, and limit. I also have a chance to send invoice and credit note to other factor correspondent in different countries. FIBA factoring also investment in a system called "Infact". This system keeps tracks of all the receivable from all clients.

5th week

I am still in international department. There is nothing much to learn at this point about this department. I was also assigned to work on a project. It is a power point presentation, which I have to explain what I learned about factoring company. At the end of the internship. I will have to present this power point presentation to people in the office.

The international manager also explains what I should include in the power point presentation. She also explains different types of services in factoring and different of trading. For instance , the four different way of trading includes case, L/C (letter of credits), CAD (cash against document), CAG (cash against goods).

I am also offered to take Turkish 101 course at Ozyegin University. The course will last for a month with American minority. The class is in the morning, so I will be going to work for half a day in the afternoon. I think I would be fun to meet new people and learn new language.