Monday, August 9, 2010

5th week

I am still in international department. There is nothing much to learn at this point about this department. I was also assigned to work on a project. It is a power point presentation, which I have to explain what I learned about factoring company. At the end of the internship. I will have to present this power point presentation to people in the office.

The international manager also explains what I should include in the power point presentation. She also explains different types of services in factoring and different of trading. For instance , the four different way of trading includes case, L/C (letter of credits), CAD (cash against document), CAG (cash against goods).

I am also offered to take Turkish 101 course at Ozyegin University. The course will last for a month with American minority. The class is in the morning, so I will be going to work for half a day in the afternoon. I think I would be fun to meet new people and learn new language.

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