Monday, July 5, 2010

4th weekend

I went to Emirgan Park and then to museum. This is also an event called "1800 years of Turkey" in the museum. I also had lunch at there, which is one of the local restaurant. It had Turkish fusion food. Then I went to Rumeli Castle. This has the best view of the bridge that links between the European and Asian side of Turkey and most importantly, the Bosphorus.
On Sunday, I went to the best mall in Turkey, which is called "Istinye Park". I did some shopping and had Italian food there. This weekend is probably the best weekend in Turkey.

4th week in international department

This is the first week for me in an International department. I learned what they generally do in this department. Everyone in this department can speak English since they have to deal with their client internationally. I also did some data entering. It is a system between Fiba factoring company and their correspondent factoring company to exchange information about client's and client's buyer's financial status. This is like a "SWIFT" system of the banking business.